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Why and how to create your idHAL ?

What is idHAL ?

The idHAL is a unique identifier managed in HAL. I allows an authenticated user, known as an author in HAL, to group all his publication, regardless of the different forms in which his name may have beenn entered (eg: Marie Dupont, M. Dupont, Marie Dupont-Martin, etc) and choose one by default.

! Do not confuse with the numerical ids which are created ar the opening of the account or when adding an article by the contributors  bu the idHAL which is associated to the identity form you choose, generally in first name-lastname form voluntarily created by the author and allow him to remove any ambiguity on the articles belonging to him. 

Why create your idHAL ?

The idHAL therefore allows:

How to create your idHAL ?

Just follow these explanations from the HAL documentation, illustrated scrrenshots:  https://doc.archives-ouvertes.fr/identifiant-auteur-idhal-cv/

And for a BRGM author?

You must choose BRGM affiliation in its "green" form

You can check on AureHal dans le référéntiel auteur if you have an idHAL. It will be in a green form too.

You can then view your file.