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Scientific publications from the BRGM, french geological survey

BRGM, the French geological survey, is France’s leading public institution for Earth Science applications for the management of surface and sub-surface resources with a view to sustainable development.

Under partnerships with numerous public and private stakeholders, BRGM focuses on scientific research, expertise and innovation. Its activity meets 4 objectives:

  • understanding geological phenomena and related risks,
  • developing new techniques and methodologies,
  • producing and distributing data for surface, subsurface and resource management,
  • providing the tools required to manage the surface, subsurface and resources, prevent risks and pollution, and manage policies in response to climate change. 

Its activity is in line with 6 major scientific and societal challenges

  • Geology and knowledge of the subsurface
  • Groundwater management
  • Risks and spatial planning
  • Mineral resources and the circular economy
  • Subsurface potential for the energy transition
  • Digital data, services and infrastructure

HAL-BRGM, the BRGM open archives portal

HAL-BRGM is the platform for depositing and consulting publications produced by the BRGM and by the entities under its supervision.

This platform aims to contribute to the development of free access to scientific information, to increase the dissemination of research work and the visibility of the BRGM, to ensure the long-term preservation of the scientific production of authors. Updated since its creation in 2010, it currently references the majority of BRGM publications since 2004.

Attention Depositors: Deposits must be made in accordance with co-authors and publishers policy.

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